Emily - Almost Alice

I am really excited about this session. When a mom comes up to you...well, me....and asks if I could do a senior session that a little less conventional....you know I jumped at the chance!  It's really the first time I've actually had the green light to go all out with a senior.  Having that creative license was awesome!  But what made it even more perfect, was access to an amazing location, similar creative style to my client AND she turned out to be a pretty good little model!  I have a feeling she and I will be playing more in the future! 

As I said before, this is not the typical senior session! I've been blessed to have two recently that really wanted to branch out and away from the mainstream.  I have been exploring taking my style and offering it to seniors, as well as exploring Cosplay, as with Dr.Who. Emily and I.....we just went for it! The result hints at steampunk, stops by the TARDIS, and is ALMOST Alice. There are even few standard shots, most not even represented here, for grandma. 

I have two other galleries on this site containing other edits of a few of these images. Editing was obviously a huge part of this session. There are variations of edits represented in other galleries. For example, there is a wide shot of her against a building, steam punk in nature, in which HDR was used. It is viewable in a stationary gallery. They are listed below. 

Thank you SO much Emily and Kerry for believing in me! Enjoy. 

Gallery titles:  "Cosplay/ Themed", "Artistic Portrait" 

Because, you just need so fit the TARDIS in somewhere. 


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