Stories are my love language. Giving voice to the story inside someone is such a beautiful part of my work and one I cherish. When I start on a project like this with a client, it’s very important to me to hear a good bit of their inner workings. As they share, pictures start to come in and out of focus in my head. Each step in the process shapes the final images.



It started with coffee

Our journey began at a coffee shop, as do most of my adventures. Azure is a deep soul, so I was very excited about where she would take me. By the end of my meeting with her, a few things had become very clear to me; she was complex, possessively bursting with a unique perspective and that, to see things from her vantage point, I must look at the world through the forest and between the leaves.

My Illustrative photo sessions aim to create something that goes beyond a simple photo of their appearance. My heart is to capture “who” they are, going beyond. The moment that sinks’s a game changer.

When I embark on a journey with a muse, I totally assign a bit of homework between the booking and our first sit-down inspiration building session (of course, I only call it ‘homework’ to the parents). This step is so important to me! Acting as the catalyst to my creative process, it is the reason my sessions are scheduled no less than 3 weeks from the initial inquiry. The collaborative nature of these sessions drives my creativity.


For Azure’s journey, I provided her mother Emily a list of questions to answer, ideas to ponder and collection of images to evaluate from my Pinterest boards. Man, did she deliver! What a great time it was to see her inspiration.

I love my job, creating portraiture; but I love even more when my subject really steps up to the plate and joins me in maximizing this collaborative process. Azure came to our meeting with clear ideas and lots of feedback, while still holding to her own personal inspirations. She expressed to me a love of nature. So of course, that was on the inspiration list. But, while nature was her “happy place,” photographically, Azure gravitated toward images with a “high fashioned” vibe, especially those containing soft feminine details and moody dramatic edits.

What does that look like, you might ask? Good question. Honestly, at this point in the process, I’m usually not sure either. That’s why I love to sit and look at imagery WITH my muse. When our meeting is over, I will ponder these things for a few days. Maybe even obsess as I hit up Pinterest like I own the place. I always create a board for each muse. The first go at it is a visual representation of the wide span of randomness in my head. But I usually get a rhythm, arriving at an “AH HA” moment. And it is glorious….but even then I will not solidify every detail. See, I like to leave things to happen organically in the moment. I prepare a structure that is loose, elements with complexity, a bowl of ingredients waiting to be mixed. That’s the next layer of collaboration.


When Azure arrived at her shoot, my goal was to set before her inspiration & beautiful, customized garments and props to work with...but those items meant nothing until she chose them. She alone brings them into her story. That’s the magic of being able to truly work with your clients.


Azure was pretty awesome to work with and still has so many things she’d like to express! Hopefully, you’ll see Azure again in an upcoming personal project where I bring to life some repetitive dreams from my own childhood.

Until next time, thank you for stopping by to see Azures images! And, if you know a youth in need of an empowering art session, get in touch!