Sesssion pricing



lets start and build from there.

My passion is for the collaborative experience! Telling your story well, takes dream building, planning and imagination. How can I make a package for that? I’d rather meet you and we can build a custom session for you from there. This sitting fee is the base price. After many cups of coffee, we will decide how many images fit your needs and we’ll go from there. Image prices begin at 100 and increase depending on complexity. And, since this is a collaborative photoshoot, we’ll “shoot” for the number you select. Addition images (if edited) will be made available to you post production, don’t you worry! So, go request a free video consultation and let’s make some ART!!

Perfect for Senior, child and family portraiture.



Youth in Vogue

For ages roughly 9-13

The session is similar to Fine Art Portrait but geared toward today’s Youth. I have a passion to make our youth feel SEEN! What a hard world to grow up in…bombarded by social media, impossible beauty standards, political arguments all around…it’s hard to feel heard! My “target” age group is really the “tweens.” They are caught; not really a child, not yet a teen. Becoming self aware, self-conscious, and the need for independence all at once. I want to show them and the world WHO they are. Come on, challenge me - what would you like to say to the world?




Portrait session inspired by my passion for classic art. Whether you don one of my garments or bring your own, I use my craft to go beyond a traditional portrait session, creating something artistic and empowering.

We can stay in the studio or take to the outdoors. I can make you look like a painting, or we can play with the shadows of window light like Rembrandt. Request a free video consultation and lets see if this is right for you!

  • Perfect for Small groups, Prom, Bridal, Seniors, Couples, Parent/child, Maternity, Creative branding and Self expression!




Let's take creative session a step further! We will build on you Fine Art session and incorporate a “core image” into your collection that utilizes composite editing to create a portrait of you,  that a camera alone could never capture! I invite you into a collaborative creative process, together creating a work of art. Seriously, We will defy gravity & explore the impossible. This isn’t a typical photoshoot. It’s an experience.



Dream Session - And Artistic Journey to visually express what words can not.

This is everything above and more! It can be all for you OR you and a few friends!

IT BEGINS with several collaborative inspiration building interactions as I attempt to build an entire conceptual art series that captures the essence of WHO you are, where you’ve been and where you are going. There are no boundaries to what our imaginations can create! This is the first phase of our process.

THE SHOOT.  The heart of our time together. This is the time for us to bring together all our inspiration. This is your opportunity, as the model, to bring all of you to the table and bring the characters we’ve created to life! Custom garments, special locations, editing tools - my entire tool box will be used on this session.

Wanna get outta here? Let’s hit the beach, the mountains, a waterfall? Come on! Where do you envision this magic happening? Let’s do it!! Authenticity of the environment you select will take your series to the next level.

THE ART: I will take to my editing studio to combine our raw images with my photoshop savvy and create your unique artistic portraiture series.

  • Series usually consists of 6 -9 images - but if our time yields more, don’t worry, they will be made available to purchase.

  • This session works well for groups too! Ask me about how!



  • Minimum of 1 wall print + the corresponding digital

  • An online digital gallery to view and share + optional app for easy mobile viewing.

  • Downloadable files for social media and computer use ( varies per session)

  • Payment plans available.

  • Any session can be tailored to fit a group - ask me about group pricing.